It’s Time….

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It’s time to get posting, lots of things have happened in the last few months, and I love it.

I’ve made a number of new dresses and am having so much fun. No, I never did finish that pink lace smooth dress for the SRD, but I’ll get around to it. I did make this…..

That’s the spoiled rotten daughter, dancing for….

Malashock Thinks You Can Dance (2009)

Third annual ballroom competition featuring celebrity contestants and their professional partners, benefiting The Malashock Dance School Education Outreach and Scholarship Programs.

Dancing an American Smooth Foxtrot

As Little Red Ridinghood and the Big Bad Wolf

It was sew easy, and the rhinestone choice was perfect.

I started with this pattern:

Kwik Sew pattern 3695.

I even bought most of my fabric from Joann’s, go figure…..

I have to admit I love Joann’s bathing suit lining. I wait until it’s on sale for 50% off, or when I have a great coupon, then I buy an entire bolt.

It is thin and a beautiful weight. I also purchased that fabulous red fabric at Joann’s. I was amazed that I found it, usually their dress fabric’s seems very cheap to me. This is a true red stretch satin, they also have a few more color’s which I’m sure will end up in my sewing room soon.

Then I had to change stores, and buy stretch mesh at a locally owned store. They only carry a white and a cream color, so I bring it home boil a huge pot of water with a number of tea bags and “tea dye” the mesh… I’ve never had a problem with this method. It is important that you do not put too much fabric in your pot, the fabric must move freely in the water. If not, your fabric will not dye even, which is really not very fabulous.

It really doesn’t take long to get a great tone, as my SRD is fair-skinned. I have also played around with some dye’s trying to match other skin tones and that has worked as well. Don’t be afraid of trying this, it’s kind of fun..

I lined the mesh with the suit lining and followed the pattern’s instructions.  I did cut the back lower than the pattern.

From the waist down on the mesh fabric I deleted the leg openings and cut it  like a mini skirt. My next post will have more detailed instruction’s on this technique and lot’s of picture’s, which in turn I hope will help you in your sewing adventure.

The skirt is nothing but a circle skirt cut in two piece’s. EASY! Look at this picture for a better view of the skirt.

So in the next week I will post detailed instructions for easier understanding.


Very Girly….

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After a long time lurking at the fabric store, I found this.

Now if you know me, this is a little girly for my taste. Yet, I said I was going to go out side my box.

I prefer jewel tones and very dramatic, and baby pink is far from that. My SRD is a very feminine dancer, but likes drama as well. Sometimes though, girly is a good thing.

I will make a 6 gored skirt lined with 3 layers of cream and pink stretch mesh as a under-skirt. I also bought  some pink 4 way stretch for sewn in panties and a little pink charmeuse for a little different texture.

So now it’s off to design the dress………

Have a Fabulous Day.


To Begin With….

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Well it’s October 5th and I need to get crackin. I haven’t even started thinking about what color, what design, or what anything on my costume, for the costume contest with pattern

What I do know, this dress is for my spoiled rotten daughter. Yes, I said it! She is spoiled rotten all right and it’s probably my fault. She’s my only child, and as a single mother I wanted her to not go without, so I spoiled her. (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).

The SRD started ballroom dancing when she was 15 years old. She had seen a ballroom dance competition on PBS and she was hooked. As a matter of fact, on that particular show,two couples from San Diego were showcased. So being the fabulous mom that I am, I found out where these two couples trained and thats where we went the next day.

Now when your 15 years old, hoodies and jeans are what you wear pretty much every day and as nurse I had my scrubs on. We looked like your typical San Diego mom and SRD. Well, we walked in the studio and I felt I was bringing  my daughter to a bar. No there were no drinks, just Jennifer Lopez playing loud and  a bunch of 20 year old’s dancing and dressed in black. The latin dancer’s  had short black asymmetrical skirts and tight tops on, and the men, also in black wore shirts opened to show what chest hairs they had.  Whew, sweat was flying and pelvis’ were thrusting, what am I doing to my SRD!!!!

Needless to say, it didn’t ruin my SRD, as a matter of fact, I couldn’t have found a better place and better people to have my SRD train and work with.

Now lets us skip ahead 8 years and my SRD has made Ballroom dancing her life. She competes with her students and has competed in the Professional Open American Smooth class, which is the tango, waltzviennese waltz and the foxtrot. She is not competing right now because she is looking for a new partner, but a girl can never have enough costumes so lets make one!

As you can see, I am posting this a few days after I wrote it, life has been just a little bit crazy.

Have a Fabulous Day!


Pattern Reviews Costume Contest……..

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What a great way to start a blog……

Today I joined costume contest. This is where I will blog about the daily happenings of my project.

I will be making a ballroom gown for a American Smooth dancer, who happens to be my daughter. Which means lots of flow and lots of  bling.  I  promise I will use new techniques to stretch and challenge me.

 I will blog and post pictures about the process and my thoughts, and hopefully I can share this experience with you, and who knows, I might share something you’ve wanted to learn.

So sit back, and enjoy the ride, I know I will.


Wordless Wednesday

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